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“Thank you very much, we did not expect this! Not at this time of the year!” Hajara’s mum could not help repeating this statement over and over. For Sarah and Hajara, thanks to a generous sponsor, Christmas came in April! Not literarily of course! But for most Ugandan families, Christmas is the only day that is genuinely celebrated.

Hajara and her mother with thier goodies.

The ED and Sarah share a moment.

For ACI-Uganda Easter was all about giving and sharing. We visited Sarah and Hajara’s families and handed over a carton of soda, a dress, a cake and a tin of biscuits to each of the girls.

Easter goodies before distribution.
Sarah excited about her new Easter dress
The ED helps Hajara fit into her Easter dress

This caused a lot of excitement which attracted the whole neighbor hood. It was very heartbreaking to see very many needy children that we cannot help. We derive our consolation however, from the fact that we have been able to reach out to a few.
Children from the neighbourhood look on
More children look at Sarah(in blue) in admiration.

Join us in this cause and sponsor a child today!

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