Thursday, 24 April 2014



“Thank you very much, we did not expect this! Not at this time of the year!” Hajara’s mum could not help repeating this statement over and over. For Sarah and Hajara, thanks to a generous sponsor, Christmas came in April! Not literarily of course! But for most Ugandan families, Christmas is the only day that is genuinely celebrated.

Hajara and her mother with thier goodies.

The ED and Sarah share a moment.

For ACI-Uganda Easter was all about giving and sharing. We visited Sarah and Hajara’s families and handed over a carton of soda, a dress, a cake and a tin of biscuits to each of the girls.

Easter goodies before distribution.
Sarah excited about her new Easter dress
The ED helps Hajara fit into her Easter dress

This caused a lot of excitement which attracted the whole neighbor hood. It was very heartbreaking to see very many needy children that we cannot help. We derive our consolation however, from the fact that we have been able to reach out to a few.
Children from the neighbourhood look on
More children look at Sarah(in blue) in admiration.

Join us in this cause and sponsor a child today!

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 ACI Sponsorship Team.



Tuesday, 11 March 2014


  8th March is internationally celebrated as women’s day. The ACI- Uganda team  was invited to an event in Wakiso discrit, Katabi – Entebbe, where all the women with some men converged to carry out different fun activities while celebrating the woman. The day was very fruitful as the team discovered the women’s success and challenges. The fact that we had contributed to the success of some women in the area through our micro finance project made us proud.
The ACI team looking bright in their red T.shirts

Women and young girls competed in activities like bicycle riding , banana ( matooke peeling) among others. Messages were passed on  preservation of culture and being a lady in everything.  The district woman MP Rose Mary Seninde was in attendance and argued women not to spend beyond their means. She asked them to practice the saving culture because the woman today has assumed the care taker role in a family.
The matooke peeling competition
Women dance around in a circle.

ACI- Uganda was recognized for the great work it is doing in the community and a certificate was awarded to us. The managing director Mrs. Shirley Misango was also recognized individually for the good work she is doing at the District level with NGO forum.

The ED, walks back to her seat with pride after recognition
The Certificate awarded to ACI- Uganda. 

The day was filled with celebrations and a lot of learning took place. ACI- Uganda is very grateful to the Wakiso Community for the invite and appreciation.

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 The whole school lit up as we visited Real Standard Nursery and  Primary school in Nsaggu where we have four children enrolled in our sponsorship programme Hajara, Sarah, Juma and Mabel.  Seeing these children very happy made us feel very lucky doing this job.  We delivered scholastic materials which included pens, pencils, books, colors, bags and uniforms together with tuition fees.
Mabel's happy face

Juma all smiles

Hajara, showing off her scholastic materials

Sarah with her scholastic materials
Still in Nsaggu we visited Joweria at her school, she is the only one under the sponsor ship programme in her school. The very jolly yet shy girl lifted our spirits with her funny shy acts. Scholastic materials and bank slips were also given to her to take the whole term.
Joweria recieving her goodies from the ED
Joweria shyly waving at the ACI team
 We continued with our travel still in the Nsaggu village to Joweria’s sister’s school Pavine. This school has a very calm environment which probably explains Pavine’s behavior. She did not say much, she just smiled at us and said thank you, just like we did for the others, we delivered her scholastic materials and bank slips.
Pavine with her scholastic goodies
We later moved to a school called Tenacity Academy in Mukono. In this school we also have four children enrolled in our sponsorship programme. Lydia, Viola, Ivan and Phiona. These children were the most joyous to see us. They were very grateful to the sponsors and showed this by writing well decorated letters to the sponsors.We handed over to them scholastic materials and bank slips like we did with others. We also paid for their lunch since it is not included in the tuition fee.
Viola posing for the camera.

Phionah's grateful face

Ivan, all smiles

Lydia striking a pose for the camera

The 4 children with the ACI team wave to the world.

We concluded our travel at Joel a.k.a Kapito’s home. This is because his school had already closed by the time of our arrival. He is a member of a large extended family which welcomed us with much delight. Joel’s grandmother sung praises and thanked us a million times. Joel was very quiet when he saw us but he lit up immediately after receiving all his scholastic materials. He began to smile and talk, we could not imagine that he could be that loud. 

Kapito, making everyone smile.
Seeing these children and bonding with them is a very fulfilling experience. Sponsor a Child today!
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Saturday, 1 March 2014


Supporting purposeful development

Inside this issue.
1.ED gets elected Wakiso district
NGO Forum Executive Treasurer
2.Child sponsorship community reach out
3.Communication and outreach
4.Other news

  1. ED gets elected Wakiso district NGO Forum Executive Treasurer.
During the NGO Forum meeting which was attended by some of the ACI staff. The Executive Director was elected into power as the new Executive Treasurer to oversee funds in the District of Wakiso. She won the election by over 90% votes and is very grateful to all those that took part in the voting. On behalf of the ACI team, we wish her all the very best in her new role and we are confident that she is going to represent us well.

   2.  Child sponsorship team’s community outreach.
The close of this month saw the Child sponsorship team on a community outreach mission. The team visited over four schools to deliver tuition and scholastic materials for the children enrolled in our child sponsorship program. The children were very happy and could not wait to show their friends and family their new goodies. Some of the money that had been sent by the sponsors was not enough and the ACI Sponsorship team was faced with the task of improvising funds for the other children.
 The team also managed to enrol two new families in the program and we are currently trying to find sponsors to match them with.
 Please pray for Juma’s mother who is in hospital fighting for her life.
The sponsorship team would like to thank all members of staff that joined them on their trip to the communities and helped put a smile on the faces of those very vulnerable precious children.

   3.   Communication and outreach
The ACI Uganda launched a twitter page at the end of last month (@ACIUganda). Please don’t forget to follow us on Tell your friends and families too J

Just to remind those who have not yet added us on facebook. We have a facebook page (ACI Uganda) and we welcome everyone to join the page. Look out for any updates and events J

We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve and maintain the pages.
For any suggestions, please email us on or come to us in person.

3 4.     Other news!
We would like to wish all of you who have friends and family in candidate classes the best of luck as you receive results.
The photos are from the communities we visited during the week. ENJOY!!!!

Monday, 17 February 2014


They say the best gift one can give is education. ACI-Uganda together with its partners are glad to give this gift to some children. The ACI team is travelling this entire week to deliver tuition and scholastic materials to the door steps of these lucky children to enable them continue pursuing their education. Putting a smile on these children's faces together with their families gives us great joy. We will keep you updated on what transpired during our travel. Any kind of support towards education of children is most welcome.

Pavine with her scholastic materials at school.

Fiona showing off her shoes after intervention.

Juma with his books ready to study.

Lydia with her scholastic materials

Mabel in her school uniforrn.

Joweria on her graduation.

The family with their sponsors

Viola with her scholastic materials.